Thursday, October 6, 2011

"I Don't Care"

A beautiful post from I Got It Covered about judgement. Click on the link for the full post. I'm sharing my favourite parts here :)

...I told myself I can change; and just as Shaytan started messing with my mind, I firmly told myself: I am a slave of Allah. My job is to take a step and it is Allah’s will if He wants me to get to the end of this road, He will help me through it. I promised myself that this time I will change, and even if I failed, I had firm faith in Allah’s mercy, and that no matter what the end result would be, at least on the Day of Judgement I would be able to tell Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala that at least I tried, at least I took a step.

The first time I went to a dinner party with my hijab and niqab I was extremely nervous. As I entered I kept looking at my feet, trying to avoid the negative vibes that came from the fashion-conscious aunties. I felt that I didn’t have the courage to face them. My mind kept telling me, don’t look up, don’t look at them, just ignore them. I secretly made du’a to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to create ease for me in this step, and my heart then told me: it’s time to face them.

Something in my mind instantly replied, no, what must they all be thinking about you?

I humbly looked up, smiling to myself, and answered that daunting question with a simple reply: I don’t care what people think.

And that was the day when I actually understood the reality of these words. That was the day when these words came from my heart and I understood that when you do something for your Lord, then it is His Mercy that surrounds your heart and thus you give in to true submission to Him; and that is when He makes the trials of this world very easy.

When the hearts are fully submerged in the ocean of submission to Him — that is when the high tides of this world cause no harm to the one who is already overcome –overcome by the storm of Hubbu lillah (love for Allah).

See, everybody has to start somewhere. Nobody is ever perfect and nobody lives without obstacles. You may think you are proving a genius point by slandering at us and throwing sarcastic quotes at us but what you don't realise is that what you are doing hurts and that doesn't do any justice to your deen.

Do not use hadiths and surahs in vain. They are not for sarcasm.


  1. Lepas ni ada tia yg ucap tani EGO... wuhuuuuuu
    Love You Nisa...
    'nobody is ever perfect'!

  2. Nobody will ever be perfect babe. Let them say what they want, for all we know insecurity surround them all the time and they're just victimising us to make them feel better. But anyway, Allah knows and we don't. Thanks for the support sister. Mucho love! xx

  3. Salam sis Nisa <3 True indeed, WHY SHOULD WE CARE about others' judgement when WE all know Allah knows BEST whats in our little hearts <3

  4. Salam sister, you got that right!