Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Turban 101

Assalammualaikum beloved sisters,

Thousand apologies for the delay but here it is now, the long awaited turban tutorial. It's the very very basic of tying the turban and seriously you can't go wrong with it. If you've mastered this basic technique then insyAllah it'll be much easier for you to try out different styles. You can always add brooches, or flowers or chains or extra pieces of cloth like lace or different coloured ribbons to create a contrast on the turban texture. That's how awesome the turban is!

And the good thing is when you want to wear the turban, you can always wear your ameera hijabs or inner necks first in order to cover your neck area.

One very important tip for the turban: TIE IT TIGHT! Tres important! Otherwise you'll end up with a loose cloth on your head LOL! Like a roti telur or something. Yikes!

Here you go and thanks so so very much for your patience ladies!

Turban Basics from Nisa Halim on Vimeo.

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