Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Sneak Peek of what's to come

For my sister

Assalammualaikum sisters,

I loooovveee crafting. But for years now I have been making stuff and sewing them by hand. Last year while waiting for my results to be out I made a bag for my Polaroid out of felt fabric, snap buttons, fabric glue and really clumsy blanket stitching with thread and needle that I got from a budget shop.

It has been an ambition of mine to create something from my own hands that I could share with others. I have taken a lot of idea samples from shops and seeking inspiration from stationery shops in Melbourne and the UK. Things that I can't afford, I usually create or improvise so no matter how tacky the end product is I always treat them with a lot of sentimental value. Sometimes when I'm that broke I will just draw my ideas on paper with hopes that one day this ambition will come true.

Now that I'm working I could finally save up and can afford a sewing machine! Alhamdulillah, Allah is great. He has given me hardship and through my persistence He has rewarded me greatly.

InsyAllah come November I will reveal this plan of mine and the things that are on offer. Suffice to say I will be making things on my own and will be selling them here in this blog. To familiarise with my new machine, I made a pouch for my sister's Piano and I am quite satisfied with the result! I am also making prototypes now to see how far I can go and how much I can do. So excited that I have one customer already! She has requested for me to make her a bag for her two mobile phones so I am toying with ideas now and sketching them. Hopefully when I've reached an end product my very first customer will love it hehe.

So now, sisters, as a thank you to you for your support so far, I will gladly be making you something for a favorite personal belonging for example your mobile phones, your iPad, your laptop, your magazines, whatever it is just tell me and I will try to meet your needs and I'd like you to be the judge. I want as many feedbacks as I can so I can improve and think of many more ideas. You will be my source of inspiration.

I'd like to hear from you. Email me at or inbox me on Facebook. I would reaaaallllyyy love it if somebody approaches me and asks me to make them something. You will be doing me a HUGE favour so please do not hesitate to contact me!

But really all I need is your doa and support. InsyAllah one day a much much bigger project might even come true and you'll be pleased to know you were part of it ;)

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