Wednesday, September 28, 2011


When feeling hostile :)

This has been the look I've been wearing on my face as of late. I am tired. I am almost hopeless but I'm still standing. I am very very hostile, unfriendly but better yet, I am productive!!! First of all, the website that I have been working on is now live! Alhamdulillah! I think it's been almost three months now of working, planning, restructuring and compiling ideas from my bosses. I even had to re-align my priority and went through a bit of a friction with somebody who tried to push me down and make me cry (i am only metaphorically speaking so don't be asking me no questions now). Allah has given me the strength to push through and now the light at the end of the tunnel has finally come blaring at my pupils until I have to wear glasses (HA HA). I feel like I have accomplished something and I am glaaaad that I didn't give up and leave. Hopefully the rest of this week will bring smiles to my face coz really...........

So people who are in BSP, who has access to the homepage. Do click on the OPAL & Operations Academy banner and go visit my baby :D Sadly, it can't be made more attractive than that because of the uniformity. That aside, I am very proud of myself :) I know it still needs a bit of work but tweaks here and there and it's done! Two plus months left of my contract, what do you think I can do in that time span hmm?

I ALMOST FORGOT! Went to the store room this morning to take out my wool sweater out from my box. LOL yes, I still have things that came from Melbourne inside of boxes. This sweater is very special to me. I got it from a vintage store and cost like 35 bucks or something. So glad I got it, it has kept me warm so many times the entire period I was away from home and in the gruesome sucky cold :( Due to my mood and the gloomy weather, I guess this sweater was the only thing that kept me going. LOVE IT!

And on another note, I have been productive at home too! It was quite unfortunate that I had to send my sewing machine for repair after two weeks (?) of getting it but I have just gotten it back over the weekend and tonight I finally finished TWO products for my friends :D This, below, is just one of them and the outcome is quite satisfactory. It's a mobile purse requested by a dear friend of mine. She wanted it to be for her two mobile phones so I've paid attention to the inside details i.e. I gave an organising compartment for her two mobiles PLUS also some more room for things like their chargers, for example.

I really do hope she still likes purple though. I've a picture of the interior of this purse but doesn't look like much of something that makes sense so maybe I wont put it in here. What I like most is that this purse is padded for safety AND I've lined the inside with satin :)

Up next will be my cousin's laptop sleeve. My head is exploooding with ideas but I'll just keep calm and sleep it off before I start on it.

Hope tomorrow's as productive as today. I'm off to bed now so see you in the next post!

Assalammualaikum <3

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  1. I can't wait! I can't wait!

    Duu dee duuu deee duuu~~