Thursday, September 15, 2011


Why is the connection acting up? It's usually at times when I have something very important planned for the blog - especially with videos - the connection suddenly realises this and shuts itself. So annoying!! I think come Monday I wont be as busy at work so I shall then bring my laptop along and try to upload my videos then. Sorry for the delay sisters! I really appreciate your patience and I'm pretty sure a lot of you are anticipating. I promise that the turban tutorials will be up by next week, insyAllah.

So just a filler I shall post one of my work outfits. I've been trying to make a habit out of wearing loose and baggy blouses wherever I go. So far it's been a progressive transition, alhamdulillah. Other times it's still too hard to match my clothes which means I'd be resorting to my skinny jeans (the only jeans I have at the moment! Argh!) but it's always great knowing I have my lazy pants to help me overcome the overwhelming stress of wanting to dress up right. So all is well ;)

Super duper love heels! Nobody knows I'm 5"1 when I'm in them hehehe....

And also, I'd like to share with you a really great ARTICLEabout the manners of visiting peoples' houses. Especially now that it is Raya season, it's always never too late to remind each other how to properly behave when visiting your friends' or relatives' places.

Let me just share an excerpt taken from the article:

It is an inappropriate Muslim manner to whisper to someone sitting next to you if you are in a group of three people. The third person will feel deserted and isolated and will think the worst of thoughts. The Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) hated this. Imam Malik and Abu Dawood reported that he said: ‘No two shall exchange whispers in the presence of a third person.’ That the Prophet used ‘No two…’ in an assertive negative form, indicates that such a mistake is not only inappropriate but an unimaginable and instinctively despicable. ‘Abdullah Bin Omar was asked, ‘What if they were four?’ ‘Then it does not matter,’ he answered, meaning it is not irritating then to whisper or to mutter. If a friend entrusted you with a secret, do not betray him or her. Do not tell it even to your best friend or closest relative.

This is a good example to follow. Even if there are many people around, it is still inappropriate to make somebody feel little by looking at them and laughing at their direction, especially when you make it so obvious. You are in their house, they have shared with you their food and given you shelter but you disrespect them like that. Not cool. But this is just my two unworthy cents. Allah knows better.

Weekend is approaching us quite fast, I hope your week's been as busy as mine. Just today I was running around like a headless chicken so I am hoping to have a slow and calm weekend. My head needs peace.

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