Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crying for the loss of innocent souls

Never cried so much. This film breaks my heart and I pray that all the souls that have been sacrificed and taken due to ignorance will be blessed and be placed amongst those who are kind.

Takdir Ilahi.

We can never run away from it. Things in this world happens for a reason and we have to endure it with grace and by being thankful. Guys, when you think that things have not happened according to what you've planned, you have to keep praying with the thought that better things are being planned for you by the will of Allah and that you have to patient when these things happen to you. MasyAllah, God is great and nobody can ever go against what he has written for us. Everything is set in stone and we are tested in so many ways. Things aren't always apparent so we have to endure with much patience and the will to carry on. Our takdirs may be written for us but our usaha determines whether we can easily accept what we have been given or otherwise. The former is what will give us the strength to carry on with our heads high and our smiles wide. Whatever Allah gives us, He gives it to us for a reason and He will not test us on something that are outside of our strength and capability. Please believe in this for you will succeed and trust that God's will is stronger than anything else in this world. InsyAllah, by being kind and by persevering through the labyrinth of life, we will be blessed with abundance of rezeqi not just in the form of material possessions, but also in the form of good health and a happy family.

When you watch this film you will realise how somebody who is very intelligent and very patient is tested in every kind of way which takes his life in the end. We can apply this in many forms throughout our lives and though it might not be as brutal as Hadji's we have to still be as patient as he is, be kind as he is but not without substance. Ignorance, sometimes, is as much as a curse as it can be bliss. Let us all pray for each other and may we be rewarded with lots of happy returns by Allah. Amin.

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