Monday, September 26, 2011

Colours and Patterns

Assalammualaikum my lovely sisters,

A quick post of me wearing my favourite wardrobe item from Shop Naisha in my weekend of colours and patterns. And of course my lazy pants are now my wardrobe staples. So very tempted to wear them to work but no, I must not.

Get the stillcarvings trademarked zany look with Shop Naisha's green grass batwing blouse with floral lazy pants and oxford shoes LOL!

Go for a little bit of culture with batik lazy pants, tribal scarf and pastel blue batwing blouse also from Shop Naisha :)

It was a fun weekend dressing up and going around in the heat of Brunei. Nothing I like better than wearing my outfits to their best whilst also spending quality time with family and friends. Then today it was back to reality but to be frank the reality wasn't as harsh today as it has been for the past Mondays. My website finally went live today, yeay! Gonna make a bulletin announcement soon-ish and hopefully everything goes well. InsyAllah.

Just a brief one for Monday. And here is a picture of Boy George which I think bears a bit of resemblance to my first picture =p

Enjoy the rest of your week my lovelies!

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