Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tarindak D'Polo Iftar

Assalammualaikum friends!

Yesterday, Danny and his fiancee Enoy, invited us to iftar at Tarindak in Jerudong. Danny is also known as Muhammad Aysraf Danial bin Abdullah Lim as he has just converted into Islam about two weeks after he celebrated Chinese New Year. I came to know this guy since Secondary Four and since then he has been part of my circle and one of those people that I see as my brother.

About two or three weeks before yesterday, Danny and Enoy got engaged and so yesterday was kind of a reunion for us as invited by them. And also because soon Enoy's going back to UK to finish her Masters.

It was my first time in Tarindak, and the first of which I hope will be the many sungkais that will involve nice company and good food. I didn't really care much about the buffet with its abundant food and drinks but it was well worth paying the $22 per head for the fun I had with my friends. Of course, knowing these people that I grew up with, there were lots and lots of laughter and seeing that I have not yet recovered totally from my flu, I was all coughs and coarse voice coming back home. This isn't a lament though, it's merely a total refreshment of memory because I don't get to do this with my friends anymore because first, I have just came back and second, we're all grown up now and have our own commitments so these kind of get together is always appreciated to the highest level.

Anyway, without further a-due, 'tis best if I stop typing and begin sharing you pictures from last night.

The couple who was responsible for the good times!

And I was wearing this very lush batwing blouse from Shop Naisha. It was oh so comfy and I would like to wear it everywhere I go, so thank goodness I have two (though I want more!). They're so nice to wear and they flow as nicely as they lay on my shoulders. Well I don't really know how to explain it but it's nice, for serious. I did get them to take a picture of me in my outfit but the lighting and the angle was not as flattering as I'd hoped it would be so I'll save that for the next post.

Til then, hope your Ramadan has been as smashing as mine is. If it hasn't been, don't fret, something/someone will come to the rescue and make it splendid as God intended it to be. Jazakallah khair!

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