Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadan Kareem


Aren't we all lucky to be able to meet with Ramadan again this year? I am so happy to be given another breath of life to live through this year's Ramadan, insyAllah. I know that we all live to compose resolutions for the new year but this year, I hope to fulfill my Ramadan resolution. I hope that my journey during this holy month can help bring me closer to Allah SWT and that this does not end when Syawal arrives.

Looking back, around June last year was when I first started wearing the hijab full time. During Ramadan that year, I braved the cold of Mount Buller, with my hijab and my empty stomach, making snow men and travelled 3km from Melbourne City to Mount Buller and back. That was when I realised the power of abstinence - to abstain myself from food and water yet being able to stand in the cold and having fun, that meant a lot to me. That was when I realised with the right niat and prayer, with the right intention for Allah, that I was able to complete my fast for that day. That taught me that Allah is always by my side, giving me strength and giving me words of encouragement from beyond. I knew from that moment that even without food and water I was able to experience the joy of God's creation.

Before this, I was ignorant and I was a cynic. That couldn't have made my mom proud. I was lost and now I am found, and I know how good it feels to be where I am today and standing proud firmly for what I believe in. So there you have it, this blog is created with hopes to reach out to those lost souls who are looking for answers. I can't be the only person of reference in this so I will use other sources as well, like Tumblr, for example, and of course the internet. I will post pieces of wisdoms here now and again just to get the ball rolling.

So come hither and take heed!


  1. Salam Siti Nisa,


    May Allah give you ease in your journey towards mardhatilla. Nikmatilah perjuangan ini. There will be some bumpy rides, but as long as Allah is around and friends who are going the same direction, insya Allah, akan dipermudahkan :)

    Noor D

  2. Thank you so much Noor D! You are one of those who's made this journey easy for me. Allah bless you and gives you many happy returns ;) xx