Thursday, August 18, 2011

Favourite Wardrobe Items: Shop Naisha Batwing Blouses

I have been doing business with Shop Naisha since they first started and there are no regrets as far as my purchases are concerned.

The face behind Shop Naisha goes waaaaayyyy back when we were kids and still playing slides at St. Angela's School, Seria. My lasting memory of Shop Naisha are the raya visits to each others' houses and I also remember us going to a friend's birthday party in Seria and playing at the compound's playground. Then sadly I was transferred to another school and I guess it ended there. There would be times when we'd bump into each other in town and I remember thinking how gorgeous this person is.

So now I'm thinking it's the good thoughts that must've brought us together again - what more through fashion!

Shop Naisha's palette are of its own and that is what I love most about it. I adore how innovative towards the hijab world their items are and especially when total care towards quality is taken care of closely. I love the customer service too! OK, maybe it's just me but I am always a person who can be easily woo-ed by those who really takes good care of their customers. Needless to say, now I have brand loyalty towards Shop Naisha.

My recent favourite wardrobe items from them are the batwing blouses that I last purchased.

Shop Naisha Batwing

I love the flow of the fabric and how it sits snugly on my shoulder. It just lands there, sitting comfortably and sending whispers of confidence to me when I have them on. I can't really fathom how feminine this makes me feel while also staying put to my own style. I like pairing them with my favourite pairs of jeans and wedges for kicks! As for hijab, I've worn these blouses with patterned scarves creating a stark contrast to the whole batwing aesthetics. You can do more than just accessorise them with your scarves, although they are a fashion statement as they are.

I am yet to explore the lush-ness of these blouses but I can assure you that they are very comfortable to be in. There are so many ways you can style it - I am quite excited to meet with these new explorations!

Please do me a favor and add Shop Naisha's Facebook HERE, will you ;)


  1. Nisa! They're sooo prettyyy! I wonder who is the face behind Shop Seria rupanya. Awesome! Oh I went through their albums last week I think and I am pretty impressed.. I love their maxi skirts! Will get one maybe after Raya lah.. So many Raya commitments already T_T

    Love your posts! Keep 'em coming :D

  2. Yes they areee hehehe I love them so much! Hehehe well you must know this person but she's not in Seria anymore she's moved to another district. She has a well defined taste in fashion and what looks good on girls these days, adore her taste! Yes I know what you mean with raya commitments, but I haven't felt the pressure of it yet maybe coz we've spent so much already for my brother's wedding hehehe... but good luck to you, get many many beautiful shoes and bags, please :D

    And i must thank you for your support! One of these days I must reward my supporters ;)