Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Color Blocking!

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And now, Color Blocking (cue all the swag "yeeeeee"s in the background)!!! I have always loved to colour block. Well I always do it subtly at first for example wearing a very grass green shirt with black pants and accessories, wearing all black with a ruby red hijab, wearing grey with red, navy blue with mustard, you name it I've gone through all of these stark remarks in color blocking be it a disaster or just nicely done. And not giving the impression that I'm the expert - because I'm not - but I've always liked being bold (then all you's would be like "jyeah" LOL).

But anyway, what I want to say is that I simply love it when someone is daring enough to be different while also standing out in the crowd. You don't need to be like everyone else and then be self-conscious when you try to dress differently. Sometimes all that comes from insecurities so please, be a little braver. (Not to mention those who laugh at others who are different but are nice and so passionate about something and they'll be like sending hateful glances or telepathic messages from their sniggers OH, PUHLEASE!) Anyway, irritation aside, I'd like to share with you some great pictures that show how to color block while also wearing the hijab. You know, people often think that when you wear the hijab, you can't dress up properly. People often think that you can only dress in those boring office blouses with their tacky coloured stripes. Not that that's a problem - for the office that would definitely give you a corporate vibe, but when you're out there - NO.

So yes, here are examples of color blocking and even if you don't fancy how bold these looks are, you can still look at the palette and go from there. Easy peasy. Pictures are courtesy of

So, dear ladies, why not right? If you go to places like Melbourne, it's not just models who wear these kind of apparels with their hijabs. I simply adoreee how the Somali girls wear theirs so fashionably and so confidently. Sadly, I don't always see that here in Brunei. People here are too contrived believing that society does not accept change and if change does happen the first thing they'll hear are laughters. Sure, it may be true but if you don't turn that around, when will change even begin? This applies to just about every single thing in this country. Then again, in order to want a bigger change to occur, we need to change what's within ourselves first. Only thing is that people are afraid to.

This is turning political. And talking about being politically correct, hope avid readers of books written in Britain realises that I've made alliteration to the word color. Well... that's coz I want to share with you something. HAHA (see below).

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