Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to life!

Yes, the internet's back to life! Can't imagine how I even survived yesterday. It was soooo slow and I can't update anything anywhere!

So anyway, this post is supposed to be yesterday's but you know, since that didn't happen here it is now.

'Tis the attire that I wore yesterday to work. Don't really know how many times I've worn it like so but I don't think I care for counting right now because it is oh so lush! I'm thinking that I should make a duplicate like get a similar shirt or something but now Sinead O'Connor's voice is yapping in my head saying, "Nothing compares to you~" and because I am loyal like that I am going to keep wearing this one. Maybe I'll let it rip a little or outgrow it by any chance (God, I hope not!).

And, I also have a video tutorial for how I wore my hijab yesterday!! Doesn't really show in the picture but you'll see it in the vid. But before we move on I just would like to say thank you so very much for your feedbacks and support thus far. I am very honored and in full spirit to keep this blog going. God-willing and if the connection allows, I'll make more of these tutes for you ladies. And I'm thinking Facebook is really the best way to communicate so I'll keep posting updates there for you :)

So enjoy the video. Thank you, ladies! xx

Monday Hijab from Nisa Halim on Vimeo.

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