Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baba Ali

This is one of Baba Ali's videos that I love watching again and again. I discovered him during my first year in Melbourne and still now I revert back to this video to remind me how special Ramadan is.

It can get really dull and boring to watch serious videos, admit it, so here's something different for everyone to watch if you're the sort who leans more towards the humorous side of things. And although this video tickles your fancies, the message is still clear and goes straight to the point.

There are many more Baba Ali videos that you can watch so if you're on youtube and don't know what to look for, type in Baba Ali and you'll be suggested with a lot of other videos that are useful for spiritual cleansing or to get you started into getting to know more about what Islam and being a Muslim is all about.

I will be posting up more videos, images, quotes and texts that are related to this holy month so stay tuned and keep on coming back :D

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